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VidCon 2019 Crazy

It’s not exactly Comic-Con, but it’s close.

Young, rabid fans of YouTubers, most of you have never heard of, descend upon Anaheim for four days after school gets out, lust after their favorites, listen to music and party hard.

VidCon 2019

For those who don’t know who Jessica Bravura, Rhett & Link or Joey Graceffa are, or don’t care, there are also informational sessions about how to get ahead on YouTube, or just to get the latest updates from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube about working with the channel.

I enjoyed some of those VidCon sessions and meeting some of my favorite behind the scenes YouTubers like Nick Nimmin and Brian G. Johnson, as well as catching up with old friends like Chris Raney and Brian Hawkins. And, as you can see in the video above, I made new friends, like the lady who records videos from her van, and the guy in the Pacman suit who visits the worst motels in the world. Check out their Channels as well: Jayco_TV, Tootsie-RollingStone Travels, CampingLifeYogaWife, TheJoshandMelissa and Yellow Productions.


But mostly, I got a blast out of roaming the floor with my camera. Street Photography, here we go!

My first subject told me his name so fast that I couldn’t get the exact spelling, so I’ll; just go with Johnni and that he makes TikTok videos. The gals zipped by without giving me their name, and the man with the PacMan suit goes as Jayco_TV. He claims his given name is Dean, but I ain’t buying it. Sure is a darb, right?

The world’s most famous cat, 2019 style is named Nala. She has over 4 million followers on Instagram and naturally, she came to VidCon to say hi and work the crowd.

Shannon Ellis and Pookie, the co-owners of Nala, the most popular cat on Instagram, with over 4 million followers, in the press room at VidCon.

When I discovered her hangin’ in the press room, I naturally had to reach out to owners Shannon and Pookie for a big-time interview. Nala, sadly, didn’t say much, but her owners did. Be sure to listen to the podcast. 

Note to self—why didn’t you get a selfie with Nala? What were you thinking?

I love the shot above of my friend Jim Louderback, the general manager of VidCon, going over his notes shortly before taking the stage to introduce myself and Andrea Mallard, the CMO of Pinterest.

We did a Fireside chat interview about Pinterest’s expansion into video. Thanks Erin Maslan of Pinterest for the cool backstage shot.

And speaking of Selfies, that’s yours truly below with one Jessica Bravura, a YouTube sensation who’s AKA as Aphmau, with 4.7 million subscribers and 2.6 billion video views. She’s a Seattle area mom who spends hours a day making videos of her playing videogames.

And that kids, is why so many people want to quit their day jobs and make YouTube videos for a living.


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