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Good night from Venice Beach

Venice Beach pulled out the love for Valentine's Day, adding a cool heart to the sign at Windward Avenue. This icon attracts the Instagram Selfie crowd year round, especially at sunset. And how could I miss out on the action?

Look below to see how it normally looks.

For more of our Venice Beach images, check out our Venice Beach Photowalk gallery.

The Valentine's Day shot was taken on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, while the bottom image is on a Sony RX10IV.

Finally, here's what the crowd looked like tonight, as we all had about 20 seconds to cross the walk and stand directly in front of the Venice sign to get the shot, without worries about cars doing us in. Selfies, sign shots, and some people were actually crossing to get to the other side.

Not all of us were on a Photowalk.

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