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“The last sunset” of the decade – Manhattan Beach

The thing about living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles is that we have the quintessential beach city lifestyle, where temps never get far beyond 72 degrees,  beach boys and girls parade up and down the sand with surfboards under their arms, cyclists head to the Strand for rides by the sea and summer is seemingly every day.

Last sunset

Funny that photography in the summer is no bargain. The sun is too intense, beaches are too crowded and sunsets are okay, but not memorable.

For the killer sunset, please visit between September and December, most notably the last two months of the year. Wow!

Here in Manhattan Beach, we’ve had one after the other of incredible sunsets, so with December 31 as the last day of 2019, I naturally wanted to be down on the sands to capture the last sunset of the year and decade. I wasn’t alone in that sentiment. The beach was way more packed than usual, with hundreds of people, like it was the middle of summer.

In the latest Photowalk video, I capture the 12/31 sunset in time lapse, video and photos, show how I choose my location and offer a few more tips on shooting the sunset. Please check it out.

Some recent sunset photos:

Manhattan Beach sunset

A Manhattan Beach sunset in December, captured for the #Photowalks series by Jefferson Graham. Location: the Manhattan Beach Pier


A December sunset off the Manhattan Beach Pier, by Jefferson Graham for the #Photowalks series

And here’s that last 12/31/19 sunset shortly after the sun fell behind the water and the Manhattan Beach Pier lit up with holiday colors. What do you think?

Manhattan Beach sunser

How was your sunset? Show me you best image on Twitter, where I’m @jeffersongraham.

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