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The Best Photowalk

Juan Pons knows all about the best spots for photography in Yellowstone National Park. Scott Bourne can tell you about a place in New Mexico with such an incredible showing of birds, “even Stevie Wonder could take amazing bird photos there.” Chris Smith insists on starting a Chicago photowalk at Millennium Park to get the best skyline shot of the Windy City and then some.

This, in a nutshell, is what my new website, is all about. It takes the basic idea of my travel photography series, (Photowalks with Jefferson Graham—free on Tubi!) and expands it to many places where I’ve yet to go, reaching out direct to the experts, locals and enthusiasts who know their area better than anyone.

The suggestion for the site came from my longtime friend Christopher Michel, the great San Francisco photographer, who thought there should be a place we could all go to find the best photo spots before we arrive.

So over the past few weeks, I interviewed photographers in Indianapolis, New York, Chicago, Maine, Florida, Hawaii, Atlanta and other areas as I attempted to map out a national view for the best photowalk in your area.

Getting to all 50 states will take some time! For now, I have 30 posts up, and look to add more over the coming months. Many of the posts have text, maps, photos, video and audio interviews.

Some highlights:

In the can, awaiting editing and coming soon: Sacramento with Frederick Van Johnson, Atlanta with Ellis Vener, Santa Fe with Rick Sammon, Morro Bay with Ginger DiNunzio and Acadia National Park with Pons.

The fun of these posts is talking to great photographers about their areas of expertise, and getting so excited about the conversation that one wants to jump in the car as soon as possible, cameras packed, to go out exploring.

Next stop: Santa Fe!

Photographers outside California—I want to interview you! So please get in touch!

If you prefer to just watch or listen to the conversations, you can check out the YouTube playlist I put together of our chats:

Or you could just listen the podcasts, via Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts:

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