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Photowalk – Shopping Mall & dummies

I thought it would be a fun experiment to take an iPhone XS Max, and run around a modern, thriving shopping mall (yes, we still have those in Los Angeles) for a #Photowalk slice of life.

Pull out a camera and you get kicked out by a security guard, but with a smartphone, the mall is your subject, with no restrictions.

(I actually finally tried at the end to shoot one video clip on my camera, and did get booted shortly after I turned off the record button.)

The goal of this Photowalk was to use my camera eyes to take in the scene, from the Westfield Century City Food Court, to the shopping, to the stars of the mall, the mannequin dummies.

Have you taken a look at modern mannequins in awhile? They’ve really changed. What happened to their faces? Where did they go? And since when did these dummies get colors? I caught mannequins in off-white, of course, but also in gray, gold, silver and red.

Traditionally, the dummies are there as window dressing. We look at their clothes, not their shape, style, or fake face.

Right? Because that’s the object of the retailer. To focus on the clothes.

That is, unless we have our Camera Eyes open. Which, of course, is what this #PHOTOWALKS series is all about. For more images, check out my #Photowalk gallery.

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