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Photowalk: Riverside, California

We return to the Inland Empire and the city of Riverside for today’s Photowalk.

Highlights include big, wide open skies, great hikes up Mount Rubidoux, a vintage downtown, centered around the historic Mission Inn, great alleys for a photo shoot, and the wildest, craziest eye candy of a Mexican restaurant you’ve ever seen, Tio’s Tacos.

Plus–Riverside is the birthplace of the Navel orange, and the city will do everything it’s power to remind you about it. If you thought our Photowalk of the city of Orange was orangey, just wait until you see Riverside!

Our Photowalk route:


Start at the Court House, and continue to City Hall, explore downtown, take portraits in the alley, then on to Mission Inn, Tio’s Tacos, the Fox Theater, Citrus Park and Mt. Rubidoux.

Local photographer Steve Brazill, the host of the popular Behind the Shot podcast, joins me on my journey around Riverside, along with our pal Scott Heath, who helped us with the video.

Scott Heath, Steve Brazill and Jefferson Graham in Riverside, California, at the Citrus Park

Speaking of Steve, his podcast is based on exploring one great photo, and explaining how it came to be. This week’s episode focuses on the image directly below, which I shot from Mt. Rubidoux. Thanks Steve for having me. Fun interview! Tune in to hear all about the photo.

Riverside California Photowalk

Riverside Photowalk

The road leading to the Citrus Park in Riverside, California, as seen on the Riverside Photowalk

Oranges in Riverside

Oranges in Riverside are hugely popular–the naval orange was invented in Riverside.

Tio's Tacos

The wildest Mexican restaurant you’ve ever seen, Tio’s Tacos of Riverside, California.


The historic Riverside county courthouse is the anchor of downtown, and a photographer’s dream subject.

Riverside court house

A closeup on courthouse carvings at nighttime.

While in Riverside, Steve Brazill photographed Jefferson Graham in an alley, with a Fender Telecaster strapped around his neck. Part of the Photowalk Riverside series.

We had such a blast in Riverside, we couldn’t contain it all in just one episode, so we created a playlist featuring much more to watch.

Bonus cuts: 

Walk through downtown Riverside

Take a drive with us through Riverside.

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