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Photowalk Photo Tip: the "magazine trick."

It's time again for "One Minute Photowalk Photo Tip Thursday."

On today's edition, How to get a Great Portrait on Balboa Island with my "magazine trick." (Thanks Chris Raney (a.k.a. Yellow Productions) and Tanya Yuan (a.k.a. OC Girl) for posing!)

Watch below and tune in for more for free on the

Tubi TV streaming app.

This tip is seen in episode #1 of the expanded Photowalks episodes on Tubi, where we explore the Los Angeles area islands of Catalina and Balboa.

If you haven't been, Balboa is a man-made island that's part of Newport Beach, about an hour from downtown Los Angeles. It's an incredibly walkable area, and best known for an incredible ice cream taste treat, as you can see in the snippet above.

Speaking of islands, if you happen to be on Catalina on Monday, 5/10 I'll be leading a free live Photowalk of the area, starting at 10 a.m. Sign up here: #thebestphotowalk

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