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Photowalk Europe

I’m sure the week has been especially trying for you as it has for so many, homebound and watching the world as we know it change so radically.

I was all set to jump in the car Friday for a road trip back to the Central Coast before the Governor nixed that one! I’m sure many of you would love to get out somewhere special this weekend.

Just remember that we are allowed to go outside, take walks, just don’t get too close to the other person sharing your sidewalk.

What we can’t do is travel, at least now.

For those of you who dream of going somewhere amazing, can I take you to Europe virtually today? I pulled some highlights from last year’s Photowalk tour of Madrid and Seville, Spain, Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, back from happier, pre coronavirus times.

Spain has been hit hard, although not as bad as Italy, and it will probably be some time before we can visit again.

But we can dream, can’t we?

For my fellow dreamers:


Photowalk Madrid

The famous Puerta de Alcala monument in Madrid, Spain

The capital city of Spain has great backstreets, monuments, public parks, museums and tapas. That’s how I initially described it in the Madrid edition of my newsletter. Read more: Photowalking Madrid.


Sevilla matador

Photowalk in Sevilla

I called Sevilla (as it’s known there) the “Disneyland of Spain, a fantasyland of matadors, flamenco dancers and otherwise outgoing people who enjoy singing and dancing in the streets and reveling in all that is the best of Spain. More here:


Lisbon Photowalk

Jefferson Graham brings the #Photowalk cameras to Lisbon, Portugal, to capture the sights, sounds and hilly streets of the west coast Europe capital. See more at

The capital city of Portugal, located on the west coast, the San Francisco of Europe, with cable cars and a bridge that resembles the Golden Gate. Then add the unique foods and guitars, Portuguese language, Fado shows and a massive love of tiles all over the city, and you’ve got a city like no other. Gallery:


Brago Viola from Portugal

A Brago Viola on thje wall at the Casa de Guitarra store in Porto, Portugal. It looks like a guitar, and has 12 strings, but different tunings and is unique to Portugal. #Photowalks

Known for being the former home of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, port wine, a thriving waterfront, a local bookstore that charges admission just to enter, delicacies like codfish, the francesinha sandwich, a gelato burger, lined with Nutella and there’s a Steak N’ Shake here unlike any you’ve seen in the midwest.

Porto is a different vibe than Lisbon, the country’s capital, still urban, but with a river breeze and seagulls flying through the city. Gallery:

Go out and take a walk, but be safe!

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