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Northwest Cascades Rock!

Oregon Cascades
Oregon map
Bonneville, Washington

Bonneville, Washington

In thinking about the Gorge–and the towns of Cascade Locks and Hood River (Oregon) and Washington’s Stevenson and Bonneville Hot Springs, it’s all about the wind and water.

Great place to hike

Here’s the view from the top of the hike.

Across the river–on the historic Bridge of the Gods, a $2 toll will bring you to Cascade Locks, Oregon, a small town also on the river, best known for summer cherries and the Portland Spirit, a historic 1900s era triple deck paddle-wheeler, which takes folks for cruises on the Columbia Gorge.

As you descend down the road, you will end up in Columbia Gorge Wine Country, which starts in Hood River. Per the state tourism board: “You’ll find pinot noir and chardonnay in the cool hills at the west end, while tempranillo and syrah thrive in the drier, sunnier east.”

And your trip ends up the hill, where no trip to the Cascades is complete without a visit up the road to big, `ol majestic Mt. Hood.

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