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Marina del Rey Photowalk

Marian del Rey Photowalk

When you think Los Angeles by the sea, Santa Monica and Venice Beach usually come to mind as the iconic shots. (Of course, I’m partial to Manhattan Beach and the South Bay, but that’s another story.)

One often overlooked little gem of an L.A. community that’s worthy of a closeup is the Marina del Rey area. It’s part of the burgeoning “Silicon Beach,” area that’s attracted mucho tech investment and rediscovery, again, mostly in Venice and Santa Monica, as well as the neighboring community of Playa Vista.

I re-discovered the Marina recently when I brought the Photowalk cameras recently to the coastal community. Photowalk wise, in the Marina you’ve got a fun 3.5 mile stroll that will bring you by boats, seals, calm waters, a bike path and tons of restaurants. If you’re willing to go a little further, you’ll find the ocean and one dynamic coast.

Please watch the latest Photowalk video, episode #47 above. Below, my suggested stops on your Marina Photowalk, an easy walk. Have lunch at Fisherman’s Village, where you can also rent boats. If you get too tired to walk back, there are tons of rental scooters and bikes available for a quick zip back.

Start at Mother’s Beach, where there’s ample parking and then start heading down the paved path, past numerous boats and such.

You’ll pass Killer Shrimp, Tony P.’s, the Warehouse, Ritz-Carlton and other places to stop, tons of boats and waterfront to enjoy, the Marvin Braude bike path, the library, a visitor’s center, the new Trader Joe’s, and then you’ll swing around and hit Fisherman’s Village.

Sunrise: Go down Via Marina to Bora Bora and park. There are many condos here overlooking the water, and there’s a paved walkway for pedestrians to enjoy the view. You’ll be directly across from Fisherman’s Village. Find a clearing, water without boats and look directly across at the faux lighthouse. The sun will come up right over there and you’ll get a great shot.

Sunset: Heads down Via Marina until it ends, and park. Walk down the path, towards the jetty and await your moment. It’s a beauty!

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