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Manhattan Beach Sunset Photowalk Friday 12/11/20

And the sunset hits keep coming.

Friday night capped off one incredible week of sunsets, although when she began, it seemed she would be just a plain Jane rendition, starting with a drooping orange sun and sky.

Then about ten minutes after the 4:44 p.m. drop, the sky turned blue, the clouds dark red and it was just more magical with every moment that passed by.

I began shooting the sunset, as always, on the left side of the Pier, with my friends Chris and Patricia, but they eventually got cold and moved on. So then I checked out the other side of the Pier, where the red turned orange, and the sky was like a different animal just a few feet away.

Which just goes to show you. Never stop shooting after the sun sets —that’s when the fun begins, and check every other angle, because you never know what will be on the other side.

As always, this series was shot on the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro, and dodged and burned with Adobe Lightroom and Nik Color EFX software.

This week’s sunsets:

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