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Manhattan Beach Sunset Photowalk: 12/08/20

How do you top Monday’s 12/07/2020 Manhattan Beach sunset? With clouds and more red! I could tell in the afternoon once those puffy clouds started appearing in the skies that we’d have something special and Mother Nature didn’t disappoint!

Manhattan Beach Sunset

I arrived to the beach around 4 p.m., and while there was a nice pre-show, the real action didn’t get under way until 4:55, ten minutes after the posted sunset time, when the streaks of red started appearing in the sky. They were there for less than about a minute. You had to move very fast to catch it.

Which shot do you prefer? Top or bottom?

Before the sunset show began, I snapped various photos in and around the beach. I love this shot of two dudes in their beach chairs, surfboards by their feet, and computers on their laps. Myself, I’d be worried about getting my expensive computer sandy. And of course, it’s usually hard to see the screen in bright sunlight.

Before the Roundhouse turned on her holiday lights, and the red appeared in the skies, we had a wonderful blue and yellow sheen over the skies against the puffy clouds.

Manhattan Beach sunset

And I should note that we had a little red in the morning, again just before sunrise. Over Hermosa Beach, for less than a minute.

Sunrise tomorrow is 6:45 and sunset is 4:44.

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