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Manhattan Beach Pier in the morning

As Manhattan Beach based photographers, there’s nothing we love more than coming down to the Pier in early morning, as the sun is just about to start glowing over our jewel city of 35,000 folks.

Manhattan Beach Pier

Collage of shots of the Manhattan Beach Pier in 90266, by Graham and Graham Photography, as the sun is just starting to shine over it.

For those of who haven’t been one of those privileged to check it out, the Pier is a wonder to see,  928 feet long and located at the very bottom of Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

It straddles the Strand, where locals and tourists walk, cycle, skateboard and roller blade.

Folks walk down the Pier, and and look to their left and right at the surfers who are enjoying the waves. At the end of the Pier, they are greeted at the end by local folks who enjoy fishing, and the Roundhouse, which holds an upscale coffee shop (check out the Grilled Cheese sandwiches!) and Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium.

These photographs here were snapped on smartphones, the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7.

In the photos above, we begin by standing in the middle of the street at Manhattan Ave. and Manhattan Beach Blvd., in-between Skecher’s flagship store and Diane’s bikini shop, then we edge closer for the other three shots.

Manhattan Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier, 90266, at sunset, by Graham and Graham Photography. Sunsets are the most magical time in the city of 35,000.

So the next time you see a photographer out there at the crack of dawn snapping photos of the Pier, come say hi–it could be us!

Graham and Graham Photography

Graham and Graham Photography of Manhattan Beach are a father/son photo team, shooting weddings, headshots, family portraits, products and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

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