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Manhattan Beach Photographer

Graham and Graham Photography is based in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California, at 2209 Laurel Avenue, in the heart of the 90266.

The city they sometimes call MB has 35,000 residents, and is divided into three main sections: the Sand, Hill and Trees. The first offers life at the beach, either on the Strand or nearby, on a quiet, and homey walk-street. No. 2 gives you a killer view from above, looking down at the water, and then finally, there’s life in the trees, in neighborhoods that are a short walk down to the sand.

MB attracts top sports stars and executives who fly a lot–we’re just 3 miles from LAX and a $10 cab/Uber ride away. We’re also home to some of the top restaurants around–including MB Post, Fishing with Dynamite and Little Sister. Personally, we like the homey feel of the Kettle. Many of our engagement and family portrait shoots are down at the beach, where everybody is always in a good mood!

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