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My USA TODAY exit interview with Michelle Maltais

My USA TODAY editor Michelle Maltais sat down with me for a really fun, 40 minute exit interview about my USA TODAY years. We cover everything from how I got started at what was then called "The Nation's Newspaper," to my earlier life covering TV and 1980s/90s TV stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby, becoming friends with Jerry Van Dyke and my forays into Las Vegas, with Sammy Davis, Jr., Siegfried and Roy and Wayne Newton.

Michelle Maltais and Jefferson Graham
Michelle Maltais and Jefferson Graham: USA TODAY exit interview

We then switch to my tech era, when I started doing the Talking Tech video and podcast series, newsletters and jamming with the greats, everyone from Jason Mraz and James Taylor to Kermit, the Frog. And then I talk the decision to step down as tech columnist, after 20 years of coverage, and focus on Act III and Photowalks.

So I'm going to give you two choices. You can watch clip highlights, or the complete, nearly 40 minute interview.

Shall we start with highlights?

How I got started @USATODAY

My TV Years

Sammy, Vegas and Co.

The most fun assignment ever

Ambitions coming true

Because it just doesn't get any better than this!


The complete exit interview!

Thanks again to Michelle Maltais and all the great folks at USA TODAY through the years for an amazing multi-decade career.

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