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First sunset of 2020, Redondo Beach

first sunset

We’ve been talking here about the amazing winter sunsets in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, which produce colors against the clouds that are to die for –and photograph!

So how’d we do on the first day of 2020?

I set out to find out, in Redondo Beach, California, just down the way from the historic Redondo Beach Pier on 1/1, at just before 5 p.m.

The result? Standard, yellow sun falling into orange sky. Cool, but wait, there’s more.

ten minutes later

Just about ten minutes after the sun fell, giant clouds moved over the waters, and began to glow big time, in red hues. Pretty cool, right?

And it got better and better. Until it ended, about 20 minutes after the sunset. Which just goes to show you why I always say the sunset is great, but stick around for the after-show. That one is usually a topper!

Palm trees

Check out my #Photowalk video of the Last Sunset (of 2019.)

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