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Day of the Dead on a Palos Verdes Photowalk

Up on “the hill,” in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes is the world’s greatest Starbuck’s and Subway.

Simple reasoning: they both have an amazing ocean view from their decks, one of the perks of dining in PV.

There’s also, within this Golden Cove shopping center, a wonderful little find of a family run Mexican restaurant called Tomatillo. All the fantastic food is “made with love,” and by hand, per Rosa De Alba, who runs the place with husband Carlos. The Ruthtalksfood blog recently visited Tomatillo, and we tagged along for photos.

We fell in love with the Day of the Dead display, which, in Mexican culture, looks to bring back family members to remember. If you need a primer, check out Disney’s Coco, which did a wonderful job with it. Or just enjoy this little Photowalk to Tomatillo, and the photos.

And be sure to check out Tomatillo, which has plenty of outside, social distancing sitting, and say hi to Carlos and Rosa!

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