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About Jefferson Graham

I recently gave a talk to a group on Zoom, and my friend Mimi Bliss had a great idea–why not shoot a little video intro about yourself to break up the monotony of the virtual talking heads?

Thanks Mimi! I did indeed have a blast making this, so figured I’d share here–especially since many people go to my website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for the basic bio details. Now they can live on, direct from the sands of Manhattan Beach! (And look for great cameos by Kermit the Frog, James Taylor and Jason Moraz!)

People do ask me for my bio often. Okay then, here it is!

Jefferson Graham is a USA TODAY tech columnist, photographer, podcaster, video maker and a long-time jazz guitarist.

His Photowalks travel photography series has run on YouTube, but look for a newer, bigger and expanded streaming TV edition soon. The Photowalk cameras have been all over California (from Catalina to Cayucos, Burbank to Balboa Island, San Francisco to San Pedro) and such exotic locales as Tokyo, Madrid and Lisbon, the Oregon Coast, the islands of Hawaii and Port Townsend, Washington.

At USATODAY Graham covers consumer tech (smartphones, streaming TV, photo gear) hosts the popular daily TalkingTech podcast, which averages over 300,000 downloads monthly and pens the weekly Talking Tech newsletter.

Graham is a working portrait photographer in the Manhattan Beach, California area who has been known to offer morning beach shots on social media with frequency.  His Photowalks newsletter runs weekly as well.

He is the author of nine books, including the recent Video Nation, a DIY Guide to Planning, Shooting and Great Video, as well as tomes on infomercial king Ron Popeil, the late TV legend Aaron Spelling and a history of Sin City, Vegas: Live and In Person.

People also have been known to ask for a current headshot. Well, here it goes folks!

Jefferson Graham
Jefferson Graham

Headshots are great, but I’ll take the guitar shot any day. Thanks to Michael Ansell for this one.

Jefferson Graham Photowalks

I’m also a fan of this great shot by Jan Schrieber in Crystal Cove, which is near Laguna Beach.

I didn’t know you played the guitar? Oh yes….and I have a YouTube channel devoted to my renditions of tunes from the Great American Songbook. Here are 2 of them:

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